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Express Jackets is the house of sartorial elegance revolving around the crafting and delivering of attires generated through authentic leather. The brand has an image stronger enough to overtake all that lines up to compete with the quality and brilliance we have set as the standards to provide our valuable customers.
An ideal fuse of comfort, practicality and off-duty fashion, our garments depict style inspired from the grace flaunted by your favorite celebrities. We assure all your purchases from costumes, jackets to a wide range of vests speak nothing but a volume of excellence in the form of authentic leather.


Leather attires always reflect the perfect dash of luxury and sophistication thus, the trend to wear leather garments like leather coats, jackets, vests and blazers never go out of style.
To create that sense of extravagance and styling nonchalance, we prefer leather that is generated through sheepskin, cowhide, goatskin or lambskin. Not just leather, if an article demands the usage of wool or cotton, we go an extra mile to deliver what goes with your taste.
Our craftsmen possess masterly skills to create 100% screen-accurate casual and vintage designs that are paired with qualities like exceptional stitching and shaping to prove, this one is specially crafted for you!
So if your mood is gravitating more towards a quality, laid back outfit- you know this is the place you are meant to land.


Quality leather garments are something that is sure to lure people belonging to all age groups. Be it young or old, men or women, all are automatically drawn to score extra fashion points through donning something casually stylish.
As you make your way to celeb leather jackets, you are assured to get your hands on vintage, bomber, biker, racer and a lot more styles in jackets and coats that sure to prove your prowess in fashion!
Essentially, our collection is vast- vast enough to accommodate all the conventional to unconventional styling needs in no time at all. From Halloween to Cosplay, sophisticated casuals to funky leather wears- we’ve got everything you need to effortlessly gear up your relaxed look!


We understand your need to be noticed as our desire to be treated special is no surprise - however, unless you inject your getup with something that is purely and dedicatedly created for you, you can’t make things go as per plans.
We are a team of enthusiasts working day and night to bring what hits directly to your hearts. Our passionate members are on the constant run to meet all the quality and stitching criterions for you to bring that amazing twist to your day to day wear.
While we are best known for offering premium grade material and wider degree of celebrity inspired designs to our valuable customers, our mission is to turn our styling capacity from wider to infinite for you to trust us for anything that strikes in your mind!


While counting our assets- we always count our customers first. No wonder, you are a priority and will always be valuable to us. Thereby, we pledge to provide not good but the best to you.
We are a quality brand that has never settled on anything mediocre and this is what our products prove by and large. By picking finest material and engaging the most skilled worker on job, we assure you a purchase that will instantly turn you into a sartorial savvy gentleman or gentlewoman!


You sure want to invest your hard-earned bugs at the right place but before making up your mind, make sure you are guaranteed to experience the following with us:

Original sheepskin & cowhide leather

To produce a sophisticated and finished vibe, we use nothing except 100% pure handpicked sheepskin and cowhide leather for the manufacturing of our outfits. For some jackets, coats and vests, we also use high quality cotton and wool.

Professional Stitching

Our expert level stitching substantiates the effort we put in to please our customers. These masters not only master the art of stitching, but cutting, designing, shaping and embroidery as well.

Happy customers

You know we know our work by judging those who have experienced us. Express jackets have an excellent record of pleasing almost every customer that has knocked its door.

Premium raw material

Prior making way to the production unit, our raw material is thoroughly cleaned, processed and examined to find out possible imperfections.

Complete Size Range

You don’t need to worry about letting your favorite design go because of size issues as we are best equipped with all possible sizes- moving on the planet! Simply note down your sizes to us and leave the rest on our shoulders.

Exemplary fittings

We understand the value of quality fitting and hence, ensure your satisfaction with what will sit on your body. From regular to slim fit- we know the art of creating beauty in fitting.

Maximum comfort

Our entire range of clothing- be it is aimed for men or for women provides a satisfactory degree of comfort for short to extended wears. The credit for this goes to our material and smart fitting.

Extraordinary designs

Our range in designs is not confined to a certain limit. From cool casuals to sophisticated laid back look, we offer everything for you to pick your respective pick

Color range

We love versatility in everything and our color range better speaks for that. Thus, we deal in attires that are made in every color known to our eyes. Yes, don’t worry if it’s a dark hue or any gleaming shade, our palette is wide enough to accommodate all demands of you.


We pay a heavy focus on the affordability factor so that every customer that makes its way to us ends up purchasing its favorite article. With quality, class and affordability, our products serve no less like some one-time investment to you.

Timely Delivery

We value your time, hence, ensure all your orders are dispatched and reached at your door step on time.

Worldwide order

Our products are not designed or intended for people belonging to a certain country, but for people living at every corner of the world.