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Original Sheep Skin Leather

We use real leather, and it is 100% genuine as we say it is. We get our raw material from the sheepskin straight away from the farms.

Well-crafted & Elegant stitching

We have skilled craftsmen who do their best, give every piece a unique design and cut. Through their skills in weaving and embroidery, the beautiful tale behind assembling the article is clarified in every sew.

Finest Raw Material

Express jacket’s work from the finest raw material that is refined before being integrated into the manufacturing process. It is well washed and any flaws are tested. Just the one with the highest quality, we approve.

Comprehensive Size range

A wide size selection is created by Express Jackets so that anyone can get their hands on our classy pieces. Only come up with your dimensions, and our sizing chart will help you find the right suit in the best way possible.

Superior Fittings

Not only in length, but when it comes to fittings, we specialize in making a wide range of sizes. We had both the standard fits in the home, and the slim fits. Above all, in all the sketches, we have both of them.

Unique Designs

We have a team of artists who are constantly looking for distinctive ideas. We have all of them, and we build them effortlessly, whether you want a simple classic style or those lush embroideries.

Color Range

Now you can get your leather jackets in ravishing shades and dark hues, not only exclusive to two main colors, black and brown. Have a glance at our different palettes.

Value for Money

At affordable rates, it is your one-time gamble. hoIn the long term, enjoy your sophisticated view. You won't regret our article in your wardrobe.

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