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Custom Made Jacket

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Please upload images of the jacket you want to customize. You can also explain the changes you want in the images and attach in this section. The jacket images can be from our website OR you can upload any design from the internet and we will customize it for you. Isn't it exciting?

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Customize Your Product

Now, tell us how would you like us to customize the jacket for you? We can customize jacket’s color, lining color, studs, embroidery, design and anything else you can think of! So, let us know your requirements and we will make it happen.

Note: The default value of 'No change - As shown in the Pictures' means that we will make no change in that area on the jacket e.g. 'No Change' in Choosing Leather Color means we will take the color as in the images uploaded by you.


Custom Size In Inches

Just think about your favorite jacket in your custom features. We realize that you can transform your outfits into reality. You may face problems while finding your stylish jacket in some other colors that do not suit you so, what would be the solution to your dreams? Express jackets will make everything as per your wish. Now you can turn your cowhide leather into a sheepskin very easily.
We prepare your order as you say. Express Jackets empowers you to design your own customized jackets. You can settle on choices while getting your jackets. The color could be black, and brown. The texture could be cotton or leather, if you love around snap tab collar instead of the lapel, you are flexible here that never could be. Full sleeves can easily turn into quilted, if you feel comfortable in zipping fastening instead of button closure or you are habitual to keep your belongings in the inner pockets and want four spaces inside, you can get it.
Moreover, you are allowed to reveal to us the subtleties you need or don't have any desire to have in your outfits like sleeve styles, rib-stitching, and inside covering. In addition, if you don’t like logos and embroidery patches and avoid heaviness in the top layer, you can get the same design in the patterns. This is a big opportunity to avail whatever you want to wear with maximum comfort. Getting an incredibly customized jacket is never catchable before like now.
Check out what you can get in your favorite jacket.

Freedom Of Personality

Custom jackets are a real expression of your personality that is the most iconic way to share with the world. It is the best way to show up with brand awareness and make people realize your worth and your fashion sense. When it comes to patterns, logos, embroidery, and detailing, Express Jackets offers countless ideas and happy to help you achieve and create your own personality style. Just imagine yourself as a fashion statement. We strongly believe that everyone deserves the best in their skin.

Choosing a Custom Style

We never allow fashionistas to think about the regular design or size. When something fits you perfect, nothing can stop you to inspire others. We just ask few questions that will surely help to enhance your style and personality, like where you are going to wear the jacket, the best season for your favorite outfit, events where you can carry your personalized design, indoor or outdoor? Knowing the answers is the core solution of your desired costume and we are able to help you the best.

Getting the Most out of Your Custom Jacket

Custom jackets are a great and practical way to promote your personality. Don’t be very specific in the colors and details. Express Jackets is the best place to explore new ideas, discuss with us, about your thoughts and creations and enjoy the process of creativity, bring personalization in your style that speaks loudly about you.